Stop Federal Funding of Oil-powered Highways

Solar-powered digital mobility networks (Hyperloop and JPods) combine the 470 ton-mpg efficiency of freight rail with the on-demand service of the Internet. Building these networks can mitigate harm from oil-burning roads. See the attached graph.

Unintended consequences triggeringThe Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1916 removing efficiency as a market force:

  • 46% of 470 ton-mpg railroads were replaced by 25 mpg highways.
  • The 25 mpg efficiency of the Model-T was locked into automobile planned economies.
  • Americans were forced to buy 1.8 oil-burning cars to be economically competitive.
  • Resource depletion, US Peak Oil was in 1970. And the unfolding oil famine.
  • $22 trillion in Federal debt increasing in tandem with foreign oil imports between 1970 and 2008.
  • Perpetual oil-wars since 1991.
  • Oil-dollar funded terrorist attacks.
  • Traffic costs to Americans of $1.7 trillion per year.
  • Climate Change.

Oil companies simply filled the demand created by the Federal central plan. The Boston Tea Party was a demonstration against a government transportation monopoly that triggered a war. To reduce the risks of war the Constitution's "post Roads" restrictionseparates the war-powers of the Federal government from a commercial self-interest in transportation infrastructure.

Federal support for slavery was ended in 3 years (Jan 1, 1863 to Dec 31, 1865). This required the 13th Amendment.

The Root Cause of Climate Change can be ended in a day. Enforce the Preamble (restated in Amendments 9 and 10) and "post Roads" clauses of the Constitution. Immediately stop all Federal taxing and spending on oil/coal powered infrastructures.

The oil-powered infrastructure will decay over time.

Lucky for us, solar-powered digital transportation networks will deploy faster than the oil-powered infrastructure decays. Here arenews stories about JPods, Hyperloops, and self-driving cars The Federal highway monopoly has blocked these networks sinceMorgantown's PRT opened in 1972.

This long delay between having the technology and breaking a Federal monopoly exactly replays the shift from rotary telephones to the Internet. Links to:

  • 1968 Mother of All Demos(start at minute 29 if pressed for time). Demonstration of most aspects of the modern Internet.

Massachusetts S.1993 provides a tool, "An Act relative to solar-powered mobility networks"?

Here is what aJPods network would look like at LaGuardia.