Ya Es Legal El Aborto En Jalisco

• If the pregnancy is the result of rape (in all 32 states) • If the continuation of the pregnancy affects the woman`s health • If the pregnancy endangers the woman`s life • If the product has a serious birth defect • If the pregnancy is the result of artificial insemination against the woman`s will • If the abortion was caused recklessly, That is, by chance • If the precarious economy of the woman deteriorates as the pregnancy continues • By free choice of the woman In case of rape and health risks, according to the law, you must already be treated in a public hospital in Mexico. But if you need an abortion because you`ve decided you don`t want to have children, you`ll have to choose other alternatives. What does this mean for the people of Jalisco? Because there seems to be a contradiction between what the court decided and the local laws. Here, the state penal code still considers abortion a criminal offense, punishable by up to one year in prison if it takes place during the first five months of pregnancy. If it is after this period, the rate is doubled. Abortion by free choice of women or persons with the capacity to become pregnant can be performed in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and is allowed in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Baja California and Colima. Public health services, as well as private clinics, also provide care to those who come from other states of the republic or even from other countries. The best option you have is to go to CDMX, the only state where you can find clinics for legal termination of pregnancy. You can have the ILE until week 12 without giving reasons.

This is the only alternative that avoids both health and legal problems. In recent weeks, the country`s Supreme Court (SCJN or the Court) has made it a priority to recognize abortion as a human right for people with pregnancy capacity, as well as some regulations necessary to guarantee this right. Guadalajara, Jal-. Jalisco`s Congress is not required to bring local legislation into line with the decision of the country`s Supreme Court (SCJN), which declares lawsuits and sanctions in abortion cases unconstitutional, said the president of the board of directors of the state legislature, Carlos Eduardo Sanchez Carrillo. According to the proposal of the legislator, the entire State health structure would assume responsibility for the provision of this new service, as provided for in article 106 Quinquies: “All employees and institutions that make up the national health system shall provide safe abortion services free of charge, whether or not the user has the right to do so, in accordance with the provisions of this Law and the provisions of the Secretariat to this effect. regulatory or normative provisions and must guarantee the woman or pregnant person the best conditions of safety and quality for medical care, as well as strict confidentiality throughout the process. “L. The initiation of an abortion or abortion in accordance with the guidelines and protocols of good practice published by national, national and international health authorities… ». In addition: “ll. Medical, psychological and social advice with clear, accurate, truthful and timely information, free from stigmatization, based on the best available scientific knowledge… ».

Termination of pregnancy by the woman`s will is legal in CDMX, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Sinaloa, Colima, Guerrero, Baja California and Baja California Sur until the 12th week of pregnancy. Article 106 ter on “Safe abortion. “Legal termination of pregnancy” is fundamental because it stipulates that any woman or pregnant person can freely request safe abortion services to terminate her pregnancy during the first twelve full weeks of the pregnancy process. If the continuation of the pregnancy is life-threatening, you can request a legal abortion (even if the risk is not immediate). The SCJN plenary declared by a 10-vote majority of ministers that it is unconstitutional to absolutely criminalize abortion and advocated guaranteeing the right of pregnant women to decide. Following the decision taken by SCJN ministers on September 7, what is the legal status of abortion in Mexico? This does not mean that women in Jalisco do not have access to safe abortion services today. There are networks of escorts who do a very professional job. They provide all the information and support they need so that everyone can decide where and how to terminate their pregnancy.

I. That he does not have a bad reputation; II. that she managed to hide her pregnancy; III. that it is the result of an illegitimate union; and IV. That abortion be performed in the first five months of pregnancy. Abortion is legal if your health is threatened by pregnancy or if it affects your physical, mental and/or social well-being. (See the World Health Organization`s definition of health.) .