New Hampshire Fireworks Legal

“Refillable mortars were legalized by state legislators in early 2011. Fireworks and smoke devices were legalized by state lawmakers last year. And then bottle rockets and celestial rockets were legalized about a month ago,” said Chris Wyman, an investigator with the state fire department. Fireworks are legal to buy in New Hampshire, but not all cities allow residents to use them. In the summer of 2020, the pandemic sparked a large fireworks display on the fourth of July, usually organized by municipalities. Instead, people brought fireworks into their own backyards, which led to the inevitable chaos — a 50% increase in deaths and injuries in 2020 compared to 2019. In New Hampshire, only people over the age of 21 can purchase or use fireworks, although an exception is made for active forces or members of the National Guard. However, several other states allow children as young as 12 to buy fireworks. Recently, there have been no attempts to change the age limit for buying fireworks in New Hampshire. Q. What does all this mean?A. The state regulates the types of fireworks that can be sold and displayed in that state, and regulates through permits who can sell and display fireworks. Within these parameters, municipalities may decide to prohibit the sale and display of fireworks on their territory.

Although there are no local prohibitions, municipalities are involved in fireworks matters through the governing body, the police chief and the fire chief when permit applications are submitted for the sale and display of fireworks. “All consumer fireworks that are legal in the U.S. are now legal in New Hampshire,” Colby said. Each year, the state Fire Marshal`s Office asks cities to respond to a survey about fireworks rules. The following map shows the latest survey responses published on the ministry`s website as of July 2021. “Since these devices were legalized, we`ve seen a number of incidents and injuries,” Wyman said. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase, possess and use fireworks in this state. You can only set off fireworks on land that belongs to you. If you want to deposit them on someone else`s property, you must have their written permission. All fireworks must be made in accordance with all regulations in force in your area. Nationally, Wyman said fireworks, bottle rockets and refillable mortars still top the charts with the highest number of injuries recorded compared to other types of fireworks.

In New Hampshire, every year is different, Wyman said, and while they see injuries from the big three, there`s no real trend toward injuries. Violating state laws for demonstrations or commercial fireworks is a misdemeanor. The NH Act gives cities the right to set restrictions on the sale, possession, or use of fireworks. New Hampshire is an anomaly in New England because fireworks are legal in Granite State. It`s probably no coincidence, it`s also believed that some of the most fireworks-related injuries occur in New Hampshire and Maine, the two states in the region where they are legal. This year, it`s legal to buy smoke devices, firecrackers, bottle rockets and refillable mortars, all of which were once illegal in New Hampshire. New Hampshire spends the most money on fireworks of any New England state, importing more than $980,000 between January 2020 and March 2021, according to Allegiant Fire Protection. Hampton Beach fireworks cancelled: the reason? Plover`s nest. Federal laws leave fireworks regulations to the states, but have stricter rules for “show” or commercial fireworks. These are regulated by the United States.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which requires anyone who wants to buy, sell, sell or transfer them to obtain a federal explosives permit. Consumer fireworks, called “authorized fireworks” and approved by the AFSL or another 3rd rd yard testing organization, including aerial devices, cakes, Roman candles, ground moths, party poppers, snake/firefly snappers, wheels and candles. If you know of another city that has a fireworks ban or restrictions not listed here, email us at “The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a professional demonstration,” says the New Hampshire Department of Safety. “To learn more about a community-sponsored fireworks display in your area, contact your local fire department for available dates and times.” When we contacted the state fire marshal`s office to get the latest version of their municipal fireworks list, state officials said they weren`t aware of any updates since last year. They plan to publish a new list in June 2023. Q. A company that sells fireworks wants to set up shop in our city.

What should we ask for?A. To sell fireworks, a person must apply to the municipality for a permit. RSA 160-B:6, RSA 160-C:3. The Management Organization may grant a permit to sell fireworks and fireworks for use by consumers, provided that the person making the application has a valid fireworks sales permit issued in accordance with Title 18 of the United States Code. No permit may be granted to the municipality by the governing body without the prior approval of the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief, if any. Once the person has received the local permit, they must apply for a state license. The review of a fireworks licence applies only in municipalities that have not prohibited it by a vote of the governing body or legislative body as described above. And when it comes to land use, local building regulations must also be respected. Candles are listed as “authorized fireworks” by the state, so yes, they are legal.

The Office of the Fire Marshal has consistently maintained that fireworks are dangerous to the public and has spoken out against looser restrictions in the state. The surest way to experience the thrill is to watch a professional show, the office demands. In recent years, most legislative activity has focused on changes to certain types of fireworks, which may or may not be permitted. In 2017, for example, the legislator lifted the ban on fireworks. In 2018, they authorized bottle rockets. Other states have different approaches to regulating fireworks. These include New Hampshire law that residents must be at least 21 years of age to purchase fireworks, which must be used on the owner`s property or with written permission from an owner and in all local fireworks restrictions. Fireworks stores in the area are heavily advertising the types of fireworks that are now available for purchase.

Some states, such as Michigan, prohibit the use of fireworks by anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. New Hampshire law prohibits the sale of fireworks to anyone who appears to be under the influence, but says nothing about whether someone can set off fireworks after drinking. However, some Granite State city ordinances prohibit mixing alcohol and fireworks. Q. If an organization wants to organize fireworks in our city and we do not have an ordinance prohibiting it, is there a way to regulate it? A. Yes. No person may display fireworks (other than authorized fireworks) without first obtaining a municipal permit. RSA 160-B:3, I(b).

The chief of police, licensing authority or governing body may, following an inspection by the fire chief, issue a fireworks licence. The permit shall indicate the date on which the issue is to be made and, if applicable, the other conditions that may be imposed. The fire chief must be satisfied that the report does not endanger property or any person. The application for a licence to issue must be submitted at least 15 days before the date of issue. The municipality may charge a reasonable fee to obtain a fireworks permit. In addition to municipal approval, a person must also obtain a certificate of competency issued by the State Police Department in accordance with RSA 158:9-f. In some cities, fireworks cannot be fired without permission. Others restrict use after certain hours or on certain days of the year, and a handful of them ban fireworks altogether. Sellers must have an ATF, local, and NH State license to sell “authorized” fireworks to consumers. The royalty authorized by the State for the sale of fireworks is $1,500 per year. “Allowed” fireworks can only be sold from a durable structure that meets the requirements of state fire and building regulations. Q.

What is meant by “authorized fireworks”? One. RSA 160-C:1, V defines permitted fireworks as four specific types of fireworks and items included in the list of permitted fireworks prepared by the Commissioner of the Ministry of Security. The list contains more than 2,000 items and can be viewed online on the website of the Ministry of Security in