Since 1916

Enforcing the Constitution is a means of solving the unintended defects of a century of Federal violation of the Constitution. The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1916, part of the "living Constitution" began Federal Socialism, control of the means of production, Federal monopolies over transportation, energy, communications, and agriculture. Unintended civilization killers have been created:

Constitutions Divided Sovereignty, separating Federal war-powers from commercial interests:

Restoring state sovereignty over "internal improvements", and for all taxing for welfare, is essential to restore Federalism and end Climate Change and oil-wars. Similar to the Internet existing since 1968 but being blocked from commercializing by Federal Socialism, solutions to urban traffic problems, oil-wars, and Climate Change existed since 1972. Two options for local and state governments are to:

  1. Adopt the general 5x5 Standard to restore free markets for transportation networks that are 5 times more efficient than the Federal monopoly that mandates the 25 mpg efficiency of the Model-T.
  2. Issue specific franchise ordinances to allow specific networks Rights of Way based on exceed 5 times the efficiency of the Federal monopoly.

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